Facial and Body Care
Your Beauty Speicalist, will recommend the best treatments and products adapted to your skin type, its specific needs, according to environment and age.

GUINOT: The Star treatment HYDRADERMIE: the deepest of all facials, includes cleansing, facial peeling, restoring the hydratation, reduces wrinkles, visible increase of the radiance.

Skin Tone – Sono Beauty Lifting and Full Product range
Kleanthous principle is based on the continous improvement of the skin structure by means of cell supporting molecules (c.s.m.)  Weather it is matter of wrinkles, eye bags, tires tissue or hair loss, cell supporting molecules helps revitalize the skin’s functions in a durable and reliable way: this is the basis for real anti-aging

The action of  Skin Tone Care is due to the C.S.M. information carriers promoting a healthy cell growth. Your cells become visibly younger and vital!

SONO BEAUTY LIFTING  3-6 sessions of Kleanthous ultrasound treatment :
Purify, promote blood circulation,  activation of: lymph, fibroplasts, collagenases, methabolism and massaging the tissue from inside!

Treats: wrinkles, eye care,  acne, couprosis, scars, cellulite, depilation and congestion.

BODY CONTOUR  massage treatment: cellulite, fat deposits, firming and wellness

Full Product range – Beauty for Life

Body Slimming and firming Massages and wrappings

Pedicure: famous all around the lake of Geneva. Full treatment with peeling and nail varnish

Eyes: Eye-brow and eye-lash tint, eye-brow reshape, lifting mask and beauty for your eyes!

Waxing: hair remowal by waxing, green biological wax and "honey" wax: facial. full legs, half legs, bikini, Brazilian bikini, back and shoulders for men

PRODUCTS:  Guinot, Paris.  Biodroga, Baden Baden. Dr. Kleanthous Heidelberg Germany.